Java also makes use of simplified debugging, and its easy-to-use syntax offers graphical data presentation and incorporates both WORA and Object-Oriented patterns. If your company is looking to integrate Artificial Intelligence, there are a few languages you should seriously consider adding to your developer’s toolkit. If you want a language best-suited for deploying machine-learning models in production, Python’s your better pick. ● With R, you can work on various paradigms of programming such as functional programming, vectorial computation and object-oriented programming. Development/performance/debugging processes within a JavaScript environment happen with high speed.

Like Java, JavaScript also has a large community of developers that support the development process. With libraries like jQuery, React.js, and Underscore.js, AI development becomes more effective. From multimedia, buttons, to data storage, you can manage both frontend and backend functions using JavaScript. There’s more coding involved than Python, but Java’s overall results when dealing with artificial intelligence clearly make it one of the best programming languages for this technology.

Best programming languages for AI development: Lisp

In addition to deciding whether it’s going to be a web application, a mobile application, an embedded system, or some other type, consider the complexity and scale as well. A simple project that will stand on its own will have different needs than a large, complex project Best Programming Languages to Choose for AI that will be interacting with other systems and networks. It’s been around since 1972 and is used extensively in computational linguistics and AI. Prolog is a good fit for projects that require symbolic reasoning, natural language processing, and databases.

Best Programming Languages to Choose for AI

TensorFlow.js is a JavaScript framework for training and deploying machine learning models in the browser and Node.js. This library aims to build machine learning models for mobile, desktop, cloud, and web. Other JavaScript frameworks you can use for your AI projects are Brain.js, ConvNetJS, and Neataptic. It will improve your chances of finding a job in the field of AI/Machine Learning. Apart from that, you may use that talent in a variety of industries, like data science, enterprise software development, web development, and so on.

Most Preferred Programming Languages for AI Engineers in 2020

Python is a syntax-easy, general-purpose, interpretive, and object-oriented programming language. With Python, you can build both AI applications and projects such as website and game development. Even outside of mobile apps, Java has quite a few machine learning libraries for deep learning and natural language processing. Compared to other programming languages, C++ offers a faster run-time, making it ideal for machine learning, where rapid and consistent feedback is critical.

There is no such thing as a ‘best language for machine learning’. Professional background is pivotal in selecting a machine learning language. ● The Statistical approach includes neural nets, data mining, machine learning and several others. An essential feature of the Lisp language is that “data” and “programs” do not differ from each other outwardly within its programming environment. This makes it possible to write programs in Lisp that manipulate not only “data”, but also “programs”. It is exactly that property that made Lisp one of the best languages for AI programming.

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All-in-all, the best way to use this language in AI is for problem-solving, where Prolog searches for a solution—or several. For a more logical way of programming your AI system, take a look at Prolog. Software using it follow a basic set of facts, rules, goals, and queries instead of sequences of coded instructions. JavaScript is also blessed with loads of support from programmers and whole communities.

Scala makes the coding process fast, easy, and much more productive. The index Scaladex that has the Scala libraries and resources helps developers create some quality applications. The AI capabilities of JavaScript help it interact and work smoothly with other source codes like HTML and CSS.

Best Artificial Intelligence Programming Languages

Lisp has been around for a very long time and has been widely used for scientific research in the fields of natural languages, theorem proofs, and to solve artificial intelligence problems. Lisp was originally created as a practical mathematical notation for programs but eventually became a top choice of developers in the field of AI. If you want to program applications that require data analysis and representation, R is the best alternative we can advise you. This language is open source and has been used to develop solutions in industries such as education, telecommunications, finance and health sciences among others.

Best Programming Languages to Choose for AI

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